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Recent Tracks Connect your PC or mobile to your Stereo
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1. Wire method: You can connect with a cable such as Hosa 3ft (10ft) or Belkin 6ft (12 ft) that will go from the earphone jack (1/8 inch) on your PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone etc. to the back of your stereo amplifier with RCA 1/4 inch phono jacks. This is the most common setup. Some phones, however, have a smaller jack in which case you would need an adapter or a different wire. Some stereos such as portable radios and car stereos might have an 1/8 inch headphone jack for auxiliary input so you would need a headphone to headphone type wire, also know as 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable. Note the name of the connection on the stereo, such as auxiliary or CD or whatever so you know what to switch the input to.

Hint: Turn the stereo off before inserting the wire to prevent annoying clicks or 60 cycle hum. Turn down the volume on the computer device. The previous volume on the stereo should be okay. After connecting the wire, turn the stereo back on, (music playing) start turning up the volume on the device until it is loud enough. You might have to turn the stereo up some.

2: Blue Tooth method.  Most newer stereos are already Blue Tooth compatible. Speaker Bar systems have Blue Tooth. For older stereos, a Blue Tooth receiver can be purchased and connected to your existing system. To connect your music wirelessly with Blue Tooth you need to have the two devices "find" each other and then "pair". The "detectable to other devices" mode usually lasts for 2 minutes. Make both devices detectable at the same time. There will be a confirmation number displayed on both devices so your know the right devices are being paired to each other and not to your neighbor's device. If both numbers are the same, select confirm on both and you should be ready to listen. Consult the user manuals for the Blue Tooth transmitter and receiver for details.

3. Use an FM transmitter for car or home  to broadcast to your radio.



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